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March 2019 Community Newsletter

Greetings to everyone!  Just remember – Spring begins on March 20.  We have numerous special activities as well as our regular clubs and programs posted in our calendars each month.

Regular Activities: Mondays at 1 pm – Scrabble; Tuesdays at 1 pm – Games; 7 pm – Billiards; Wednesdays at 1 pm – Mah Jongg; Thursdays at 1 pm – Rummy


March 4:    9am – 11am in our Fitness Center, Steve will be offering assistance to anyone who would like a tutorial on our equipment or advice on maximizing their workout.

March 5:  5 pm  Mardi Gras Masked Celebration!  Light refreshments.  Come celebrate Fat Tuesday with friends and hear about a new suggestion.

March 7:   3 pm  Ice Cream Social

March 8:    8:30 am  Men’s Breakfast at Johnny B’s Diner

1 pm  Movie of your Choice in Media Room

March 11:  5 pm  Conor Bryant discuss options in Asset Management

March 13:   4 pm  Guided Meditation with Dayle!  All are encouraged to attend

March 15:  4 pm  Irish Step Dancers

March 16:   10 am Brunch w/Neighbors at Jake Moon’s Cafe

March 20:   10 am  Referral Breakfast

3 pm  Spring Concert with Leslie Barkman

March 22:    10 am we will leave for the Capital District Garden Show @ HVCC

March 25:     11 am  a presentation on “Keeping the Keys”  with AAA

March 29:     1 pm  we celebrate March birthdays!  Let’s see a great turn-out everyone.

Enjoy your month: remember to RSVP for activities and keep your eyes out for additions!

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