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March 2018 Newsletter

Good day to all Neighbors and Friends!

It has been a dreadfully gloomy winter this year, so we are all looking forward to the Vernal Equinox – oh, all right – SPRING!  This year we will celebrate it on March 20.  I can hardly wait for the tulips and crocuses to start showing up again.

I must ask your apology in advance for the sparseness of activities the first week of March.  For those who do not know, my husband, Dan, and I are moving into the Spinney on March 2nd.  I will be a little busy being settled for a few days but promise to make it up to you later in the month.

Just my usual reminder:  I would like you to RSVP to any and all activities you will attend and if there is a date to respond by, please do so.  This will help me to have adequate supplies for the event and not to waste funds trying to guess how many are attending!  This makes me irritable and grumpy, and you do not want to have a grumpy Event Coordinator planning your activities, do you?   You might find yourselves sorting out my junk for yard sale items!  Smiles and RSVPs is all I ask!

March 1:  World Compliment Day.  Take the time today to throw out a few compliments in your daily travels or phone calls.  A kind thought, or word does wonders for both souls.

March 2:  Read Across America and Dress in Blue Day.  Take the time to fit in a few minutes to read an article or to get deeper into that good book you began last week.  It is Dress in Blue Day to honor our heroes in blue – our police officers.  Since you will know in advance, you might even bring some cookies or a treat of yours to the local police to let them know you care.

March 3:  Mulled Wine Day. Invite a neighbor to share some warm, spicy brew and enjoy each other’s company.

March 6:  3pm  Yes – we finally have one – POKER DAY!  Come, al you hustlers, let’s get it on!

March 7:  9:30 am  National Cereal Day:  My first official day back to work and I’d like to serve you some cereal for breakfast, with some fruit and milk, too.  Let me know by March 5 at 8:00 am.

March 8:  11 am  Spring Grapevine Wreath Making  rsvp by March 3rd.  Cost $3.00 pp

March 9:  1pm  National “Get Over It” Day:  Write down your pet peeves, gripes, worries and such and we will all “get over it” in a special way!

March 12:  11am  Book Club in the Media Room discussing How It All Began by Penelope Lively .

March 14:  1pm We will be beginning our stories for our Spinney Scrapbook by attending a workshop led by a prominent storyteller and author, Sandy Schuman, which will help ypu to ut your story into written form. Please respond by March 9, and bring paper and writing instrument of your choice.

March 15:  1pm  You Be The Judge!  Always a favorite.

March 19:  1pm  Games in the Clubhouse.  Let’s have a great turnout so that we can play several at once!

March 20:  1pm & 6pm  Comedy Movie @ 1pm and a 6pm Fireside Chat about what makes us happy to celebrate International Day of Happiness.

March 21: 1pm  Tim O’Shea and Friends Irish music at the Bethlehem Town Library. Makes me want to dance a jig!

March 23: 10 am Meet at the clubhouse to carpool to the Capital District Flower Show at Hudson Valley Community College.  A great way to kick off Spring, but there is a lot of walking to do.  It is handicap accessible.  MVP Senior Discount is $10!  All proceeds benefit The Wildwood Programs.

March 26:  1pm  “Live Long and Prosper” day with a movie (hint hint).

March 27:  9:30am  whew, its finally here  French Toast Breakfast! Yummy french toast with fruit and your choice of syrups to enjoy with friends and neighbors.  Please respond by March 20.

March 29: 1pm  March Birthday Celebration.  Lest we not forget, today is Vietnam War Veteran’s Day, a time to honor those who also bravely served our country.

Please remember to put your suggestions for activities, lecture topics, field trips, things to change and things you are happy with into my black lockbox on the left wall in the offices corridor.  The best way to enjoy the lifestyle here at the Spinney is to experience what suits your interests!

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